:: a beginner's guide to ditching processed food ::

soups + sauces

Be prepared to leave the world of canned soups and sauces far, far behind. Once you start making your own, the processed store-bought stuff will just taste wrong.

Have you ever noticed that, whether it’s chicken noodle or beef barley, canned soups tend to all taste the same? That’s the MSG and artificial flavours you’re tasting. Even those soups that have “healthy” and “organic” slapped all over their labels usually have questionable ingredients.

And sauces are no different. Sure, one tomato sauce says its roasted garlic flavour and the other is herb and cheese, but can you actually taste any difference? They are so full of sugar and tomato paste that any semblance of added flavour gets lost. If you’re using these sauces, hopefully you’re not having any Italians over for dinner, because they would not be impressed.

Making your own soups and sauces usually requires one of those kitchen essentials: stock. If you have stock on hand, whether it be chicken, vegetable, onion, mushroom, or even fish, you have the  start of a tasty homemade soup or sauce.

The beauty of soup is that it’s so hard to screw up. It’s hard to go wrong when you throw a bunch of tasty ingredients in a pot of savory broth and the let the stove do all the work.

And sauces are pretty much the same. Many of them have just just a few simple ingredients and taste better than the most expensive store-bought sludge.

Give some of these simple soups and sauces a try


Tom Ka Gai (Thai coconut soup) by My New Roots

All of these amazing and simple soups from Joy the Baker (starring spinach and potato!)

Roasted chicken and vegetable soup by Against All Grain

Carrot soup, bright and autumnal, from Smitten Kitchen

Quinoa & lentil vegetable soup from Edible Perspective


Pineapple BBQ sauce by Edible Perspective

Honey-soy sauce for chicken or tofu by Alexandra’s Kitchen

Creamy mushroom sauce by 80 Breakfasts

Tomato mushroom pasta sauce by Oh She Glows

Kale and spinach pesto by Honey Pie Vintage